Saturday, March 31, 2012


Message from the angels
It was a pretty similar rock like this one at the picture that I left today at one of Jimbo's table, at Del Mar Heights.

And I received this beautiful message from N. : "I found a rock at Jimbo's at Del Mar in California !!! It says IMAGINE ... love it since I am an artist ... Thank you for giving the angels open door to communicate the messages we all need to know".

N., your words really touched my heart. Thanks.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Word Rocks in Punta del Leste, Uruguay!

Word Rocks! in Spanish reaching Uruguay
Prepared by my volunteer Simone Krauss, from São Paulo, Brazil, these rocks written in Spanish are flying tomorrow to Punta del Leste, Uruguay. One of her friends will happily scatter them  there.

Isn't amazing how Word Rocks is reaching so many different places thanks to so many wonderful people?!

Happy siblings in Solana Beach, California

Rocks for everybody!
I usually go once a week to buy fruits and vegetables at Sprouts in Solana Beach, California. And almost every time I bring a rock with me to place outside the store. 

These beautiful siblings, Haruna and John, had both found a rock. On different days. And they’ve become frequent shoppers of Sprouts just trying to find more rocks. "It’s always been our favorite store but we just go there more often for the beautiful rocks", says their mom, Akiko. I really LOVE this story and I'll let their mom tell in details: 


We’ve found two rocks outside Sprouts in Lomas Santa Fe. My son found his a couple of weeks ago; then my daughter, who wasn’t with us at that time, was bummed she didn’t get one so we kept going back there.  Today we found one for her as well.  They love how cute the rocks are.  My daughter, who is a Kindergartener, likes the messages written on them.

We’ll keep them for a while and may be place them somewhere else just for the fun of it.  If my kids agree to let them go, that is…

Thank you so much!


PS: I made Akiko promise me that kids will keep the rocks (they deserved them!) and hopefully they will find one more to baby sibling Ayana, 5 months.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Word Rocks! in São Paulo, Brazil part II

Coragem in Portuguese means courage
The same volunteer who placed the rock PAZ this morning (read here), placed another one in a different place a couple of hours after.  And it was found too!

Flavia wrote a touching message on our Facebook wall (here): "I found one rock on a coffee counter in a special food store in São Paulo, Brazil, this morning ( And the origin of the written word is "do, act with your heart". Thanks for spreading the idea! Made my day much better!"
Ins't it sweet? 
And on her Facebook wall she wrote a special message about it too:
Today I found a hidden rock on my wayBy accident.
The rock was perfect for me. I deserved it.
Courage: act with the heart.
From now on I decided to look at it every day.
Word Rocks! thanks for spreading this idea. It has the power of changing my dayFor better!

And many THANKS to my fairy voluntary!

Word Rocks! found in São Paulo, Brazil

Paz in Portuguese means peace.
It was on our Facebook page (here) that I received a cheerful message from F., from São Paulo, Brazil. "Thanks, Carol! I believed that the world really needs ideas, courage and encouragement as your kid is doing. Congratulations! I found my rocks in the elevator!"

F. must be a really cool guy! He found two rocks left by one of my volunteers: peace and courage. Both were inside the elevator of Pão de Açucar grocery store at Jardim Paulistano, in São Paulo. My volunteer and I are absolutely glad for him!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

You may say I'm a dreamer...

... But I'm not the only one!

A simple but very joyful mail from Amy (who found a DREAM rock at Cardiff Beach, California):

"Carolina, I have only one word for your son's idea: AMAZING!
I wish you both all the best and let's keep dreaming about a better world to live"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

WordRocks! in Petiscos

Petiscos _  from producer Julia Petit and her amazing team _ is a super cool website about  fashion, behavior and culture in Brazil, and it is one of the most successful in my country.
Reading about Word Rocks! there, made me really HAPPY! Awesome! Thanks, Petiscos, for bringing the story of the Word Rocks! even further!

For those who speak Portuguese, the link to the story is here.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From Paula, with love and with WordRocks!

Handmade by Paula Acinete
Paula Acinete is from Recife, Pernambuco, northeastern Braziland got to know WordRockswhile surfing the net. "I'm delighted with your idea and thrilled about the testimonials I read at your blog. I would like to ask you permission to join WordRocks! and prepare some rocks too".

The reason was beautiful: the following week was her birthday and she wanted to deliver a WordRocks! to each guest explaining what our project is about and asking them to spread the gift around.

Today I received the photos of Paula's rocks. Aren't they beautiful? "My birthday was last Friday  and I gave the rocks to my guests. I heard many people saying, "Hey, I do not want to pass the rock because I need it so much", Paula wrote.

I'll enjoy this opportunity to say how happy I am to see people of good passing the idea off _ and always in partnership with the WordRocksPositiveness brings positiveness!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Love units all

 "Here is the love rock that was so much appreciated"
I had just one rock with me when I stopped to buy some organics last Friday. Instead of placing it on the spots I usually do, something inside me told me to place it on the step of the car parked close to mine. And here's the beautiful mail I got just because I heard my intuition.

"I have been very positive for a long time despite all sorts of challenges but really had a hard time just before I got back to my car and thought of just driving out in nature away from the retrace for a day as I stopped in front of Jimbos. When I got back to my car a little rock with the word love in purple (my favorite color) and a heart on it, was by the door on the step of the car.
It was shocking how appropriate the time was. Honestly it was awesome. And I am deeply touched. Sometimes it seems we need $100 000, when what we really need more of is love.".

Sunday, March 11, 2012

WordRocks! in São Paulo, Brazil

Handmade by Si Krauss
Simone Krauss from São Paulo, Brazil, is one of the most exquisite persons I ever knownAll that she does is well done, beautiful and charming. 

When she told me she would become WordRocks! voluntaryI would not expect anything less than BEAUTIFUL rocksAnd the result seen by the pictures just prove it. Love them, Si!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Have fun!

My son had the idea to prepare a couple of rocks with the stick man. And Julie found one!

"Hi! My name is Julie and I was kind of sad this morning!  While I was walking near the library I saw this beautiful and colorful stone in the grassWhat a nice message you put me through this rockAnd what a lovely ideaI'll keep the rock for a few days and then move it forward hoping that the message will touch someone as deeply as it touched me!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

WordRocks! se multiplicando!

Alegria, alegria!

Muita gente tem me procurado para dar continuidade ao WordRocks! Como eu fico feliz com isto. Ver a idéia do meu filho _ um menino de dez anos _ tocar tantos corações é simplesmente maravilhoso.

A idéia nasceu pura, bonita e amorosa e se depender de mim _ e de tanta gente maravilhosa que tem entrado em contato _ continuará sendo sempre assim.

O WordRocks! é um projeto de amor e de partilha. Para evitar que esta ideia seja deturpada, o projeto está protegido sob as leis de direito autoral americana e internacional. Mais detalhes, é possível ler a versão amigável em português aqui e a versão completa em inglês aquiOu entre em contato através do meu email.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


My son and I were leaving home when we found this beautiful heart made of petals at our entrance!

It couldn't be more adorable.

I felt so honored! Whoever did it... thank you so much!