Love units all

 "Here is the love rock that was so much appreciated"
I had just one rock with me when I stopped to buy some organics last Friday. Instead of placing it on the spots I usually do, something inside me told me to place it on the step of the car parked close to mine. And here's the beautiful mail I got just because I heard my intuition.

"I have been very positive for a long time despite all sorts of challenges but really had a hard time just before I got back to my car and thought of just driving out in nature away from the retrace for a day as I stopped in front of Jimbos. When I got back to my car a little rock with the word love in purple (my favorite color) and a heart on it, was by the door on the step of the car.
It was shocking how appropriate the time was. Honestly it was awesome. And I am deeply touched. Sometimes it seems we need $100 000, when what we really need more of is love.".