Mandala spinners

Supplies needed (affiliate links for your convenience)

Mandalas encourage kids to create, imagine and find harmony. Furthermore, it helps children improve the accuracy of their fine motor skills, and also, for the youngest, the skills needed to manipulate certain craft supplies.

They have the option to add a marble on the center of the creation and make it a spinner mandala.

Explain to the children that mandalas are special circles that have unique meanings to each artist. They can use different colors and supplies to create it, but they all have something in common: RADIAL SYMMETRY.  In easier words, mandala looks the same all the way around a circle.

Mandala art begins with a central point and all other lines/colors/symbols radiate out from that central place.

Usually CD ROMs have two different sides  one clean and one written. Spread Mod Podge on the top of the CLEAN side. 

The design of the mandala is created from the inside out. The first circle is created around the inner circle of the CD ROM, following a pattern of supplies. Then keep adding sequins or rhinestones circles, always keeping a pattern for each circle.

To create the spinner, turn over the mandala and use the hot glue gun to stick the marble in the center hole of the CD ROM. 

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