From Paula, with love and with WordRocks!

Handmade by Paula Acinete
Paula Acinete is from Recife, Pernambuco, northeastern Braziland got to know WordRockswhile surfing the net. "I'm delighted with your idea and thrilled about the testimonials I read at your blog. I would like to ask you permission to join WordRocks! and prepare some rocks too".

The reason was beautiful: the following week was her birthday and she wanted to deliver a WordRocks! to each guest explaining what our project is about and asking them to spread the gift around.

Today I received the photos of Paula's rocks. Aren't they beautiful? "My birthday was last Friday  and I gave the rocks to my guests. I heard many people saying, "Hey, I do not want to pass the rock because I need it so much", Paula wrote.

I'll enjoy this opportunity to say how happy I am to see people of good passing the idea off _ and always in partnership with the WordRocksPositiveness brings positiveness!

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