Happy siblings in Solana Beach, California

Rocks for everybody!
I usually go once a week to buy fruits and vegetables at Sprouts in Solana Beach, California. And almost every time I bring a rock with me to place outside the store. 

These beautiful siblings, Haruna and John, had both found a rock. On different days. And they’ve become frequent shoppers of Sprouts just trying to find more rocks. "It’s always been our favorite store but we just go there more often for the beautiful rocks", says their mom, Akiko. I really LOVE this story and I'll let their mom tell in details: 


We’ve found two rocks outside Sprouts in Lomas Santa Fe. My son found his a couple of weeks ago; then my daughter, who wasn’t with us at that time, was bummed she didn’t get one so we kept going back there.  Today we found one for her as well.  They love how cute the rocks are.  My daughter, who is a Kindergartener, likes the messages written on them.

We’ll keep them for a while and may be place them somewhere else just for the fun of it.  If my kids agree to let them go, that is…

Thank you so much!


PS: I made Akiko promise me that kids will keep the rocks (they deserved them!) and hopefully they will find one more to baby sibling Ayana, 5 months.


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