Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy kids!

It's nice to see that Word Rocks! is becoming a "pay it forward" movement. The rocks that we place are sometimes showing up in far way spots and it makes me believe that people are picking up them, keeping for a while and then placing somewhere else.

Yesterday three kids found a be really happy rock in Carlsbad, a city 56 km (35 miles) from San Diego. And we weren't the ones who placed it there. Isn't it amazing? 

We were at a playdate today with a friend at Calavera Park in Carlsbad, and one of the kids found this rock! It made him feel happy! Thanks! What a great idea!, wrote me Alexandra Bourne.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holding onto happiness

"Thanks for bringing some HAPPINESS to my life"

Receiving a mail like the one I received today from Dean gives me great satisfaction. Get to know that Word Rocksbrought the right word at the right moment fill our hearts with joy. That is what Word Rocks! is all about!

"I was feeling a little down and stressed out. I was walking with my wife to see the Titanic Exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum and look down on the bench and found this wonderful rock. I looked at it and  I said to my wife I sure could use a little happiness so I picked it  up and held on to, I  just admired the word and the beauty of the rock. I carried it around through the whole exhibit waiting in the long line it gave me some ease and comfort and reminded me that happiness comes in the present moment. So thank you for bringing some HAPPINESS to my life. I think I will hold on to it for just I little while longer and I will send HAPPINESS on its journey.
Thank you,
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Spread love

Little giraffe rocks!
Today I just had opportunity to spread one rock and I left it on the stairway to Torrey Hills Center. "I found it in Carmel Valley, San Diego, and will be placing it somewhere in the future!", wrote me Michael Zhang. 

But for now, who is taking care of the rock is this cute giraffe. I really appreciate this. And to top it off, the pet is matching the rock colors. Isn't it charming?

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Word Rocks! in Brasilia, Brazil

To Rô e Anninha with love

Most of the rocks are left in different places to be foundAnd for a few rockswe show them the way to find certain people.

That is the story about these two rocks. Thanks to a dear and generous friendSimone Krauss, the idea that was born here in San Diego, grew wings and flew from São Paulo to Brasilia, capital of Brazil, to find Rô and Anna ClaraTwo special people who are far away but always close.Close to my heart.

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A rock on its way to Canada

From California to Canada

Liane Medwick is from Calgary, Canada. While vacationing here in California, she found a rock!

"I found "LET IT BE" at Solana Beach on Saturday, while I was doing some made my heart smile. While down at the beach I collected several rocks, then tucked them away in my luggage. When I get home to Calgary, Canada, I am going to continue your legacy! For the remainder of my trip I am going to place "Ringo the Rock" in my vacation pictures; this is going to be fun. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts", 

If you want to become a volunteer as Liane, write me a mail and I'll explain how it works. Read more about it here. And follow us on Facebook!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello, Rio de Janeiro!

Aquele abraço!

If you are from Rio de Janeiro, here are some rocks that will be scattered througout the city starting tomorrow. Where to find them? São Conrado, Leblon and Tijuca! And thanks, volunteer Simone Krauss!