Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy birthday, Grace!

Happy birthday!
Walking nearby her old school, Grace found COME TOGETHER rock. And best of all: today is her birthday! I wish you all the best, Grace! 

"Hi there!
I just turned 13 today and I found one of your rocks.
It's the one that says Come together.  :)
I think the idea of sharing these rocks is truly amazing and YOU MADE MY DAY! 
I feel very happy.. also because I found this valuable rock on my birthday.

In addition, I found this rock near my old school.
Thank you for sharing these rocks and have an amazing day!
From Grace  :)"

Monday, January 30, 2012

Love is here to stay

Love solid as a rock

The perfect word at the perfect time. I'm really touched by Diana's love story. And I'm very, very glad that she found the LOVE rock as a reminder that soon she and her beloved will be reunited again.

It was Friday afternoon (Jan, 27th), and I was feeling very bad. So I went to the Torrey Hills complex and found a rock that says LOVE. The Friday before, Raymond and I were at the same place together. Time to say farewell. I cried while he lovingly held me in his arms. I know that we are so in love to each other, but we need to wait! 
When I found the rock I was really happy. I thought it was a special message meaning that our love will be solid as a rock .
Thank you for you for this beautiful rock. I will treasure it and hope it will give me good luck!
Maybe I need another a rock that says: waiting!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rocks in Barcelona!!

Rocks in the land of Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso
I was truly amazed this weekend when I received a mail from Barcelona! Three of our rocks reached this wonderful and full of life city in Spain! Word Rocks is going really far around the world!

I received your rocks in Barcelona from my father. It was written these words: smile, love and bliss. Thanks.
G. - 13 years old - Barcelona (Spain)"

Thursday, January 26, 2012

All my loving

And hope that my dreams will come true
After spending the morning running errands I came home and received Val's mail. It was the first time that All my loving rock was found. It's the title of one of my favorite Beatles's song from their earlier career (check it here). And to make things more beautiful, Val send me a pic of it surrounded by a heart stone and an cute angel.  Very delicate!


I found the lovely rock next to a real estate office at Carmel Mountain Plaza in San Diego, California, in an area known as Torrey Hills. 
At first my husband was telling me not to pick it up, just some spam type advertising. Well, I picked it up anyways and brought it home and placed upon a table with some other stones. 
I thought to see the website and what a wonderful idea! Sharing positive words in such a unique way. I will place it somewhere so another may find it. Very creative! Thanks for the happy thoughtful sharing of positive message."


Monday, January 23, 2012

Love is a many splendored thing

" (...)  a playful loving wink from the universe", says Ellen
Effie was shopping when she found a LOVE rock and wrote me a very, very sweet mail. Thanks for your  loving words, Ellen, they brought me sunshine in this rainy day!

"I went shopping at the Target in Mira Mesa, and found this beautiful rock in my carry-on basket. At first I thought it was placed there by mistake, and then I saw on the other side, “It’s yours..”etc. Somehow those words together: “Love” and “It’s yours” made such a positive impact, a playful loving wink from the universe. It truly made my day, and was synchronous, as I was talking on the phone at that same time about my brother, (whom I love very much!). I’m going to lunch soon, and will be placing this rock at the Croutons in the Sorrento food court. I hope it makes someone’s day there as well! Thanks for spreading positive words!"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life is good

Few days after a rock was found in front of a CVS Pharmacy at Solana Beach, another one was found at the same establishment. But this time at Mira Mesa. 

Wayne Henning II told me his experience: "I found this outside the CVS in Mira Mesa today.  I passed it by at first but then, after a few step, I went back and picked it up.  Seemed appropriate being that I am having a really great year so far!"

I wish that your year become even better, Wayne! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's a small world after all

This rock was placed in front of CVS Pharmacy at Solana Beach, and by coincidence was found by the girlfriend of a co-worker of my husband. Sometimes it seems that the world is really small (although we know that it is not).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Forever green

"Let it be forever evergreen", Tom Jobim

Trigêmeos e suas pedrinhas - Triplets and their rocks

Trigêmeos em ação - Triplets in action
Os trigêmeos de 9 anos da Aline _ Alyssa, Enzo e Nicholas _ prepararam estas pedras bem coloridas para espalhar por São Paulo em parceria com o Word Rocks. O único problema é que Alyssa se apegou às pedras e ainda não conseguiu distribuir nenhuma. Fofa, né? 

Aline's nine-year-old triplets _ Alyssa, Nicholas and Enzo _ prepared these colorful stones to spread over São Paulo, Brazil, in partnership with Word Rocks. The only point is that Alyssa clung to the rocks and till now was not able to spread anyCute, right?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paixão encontrada! - Passion was found!

Paixão à vista!
A querida Nedimar do Rio de Janeiro fez pedras super caprichadas em Novembro (clique aqui para ver) e ficou muito feliz ao descobrir que uma delas foi encontrada pelo gerente de um supermercado. E, melhor,  ao invés de levá-la para casa, o funcionário preferiu deixá-la bem visível no estabelecimento para que ela passasse bons fuidos para os clientes. Adorei!

Dear Nedimar from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) did super neat stones in November (click here to see) and was delighted to find out that one of them was found by the manager of a supermarket. And better, instead of taking it home, the employee chose to leave it visible in the establishment for it to be goodfor customers. I love it!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Good job, Nina!

The rocks that woke up in the city that never sleeps

My eighty-year old volunteer from New York did an amazing job with the rocks she picked up last weekend here in San Diego!!! 
Here are the beautiful rocks she prepared to spread over the Big Apple.
I'm so proud of you, Nina!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

The love you take....

Ellen sent me a joyful mail as soon as she found LOVE rock at Starbucks. 

"I'm in the Del Mar Highlands Starbucks in San Diego near Torrey Pines High School and I found a rock that said love. It made my day! THANK YOU".

And connected to the spirit of the project she said she you'll place the rock for someone else to find when she go back to college.

Thanks, Ellen, you made my day!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let it be rocks

From San Diego up to NorCal
This is the third time that a Let it Be rock is found. This one was found at the grocery parking lot in front of Jimbos at the Highlands. The person loved it (but didn't want to be identified) and will keep it at her/his dorm in North California.

"I think this is an awesome thing you have going on here, and it's so simple but really meaningful".

Thanks for your nice words, my friend!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!!!!!!

A bucket of good wishes for San Diego
Some rocks that my eight-year-old friend (and volunteer) from NY took home to spread there

My friend/volunteer discreetly placing a rock at San Diego Zoo