All my loving

And hope that my dreams will come true
After spending the morning running errands I came home and received Val's mail. It was the first time that All my loving rock was found. It's the title of one of my favorite Beatles's song from their earlier career (check it here). And to make things more beautiful, Val send me a pic of it surrounded by a heart stone and an cute angel.  Very delicate!


I found the lovely rock next to a real estate office at Carmel Mountain Plaza in San Diego, California, in an area known as Torrey Hills. 
At first my husband was telling me not to pick it up, just some spam type advertising. Well, I picked it up anyways and brought it home and placed upon a table with some other stones. 
I thought to see the website and what a wonderful idea! Sharing positive words in such a unique way. I will place it somewhere so another may find it. Very creative! Thanks for the happy thoughtful sharing of positive message."