Love is here to stay

Love solid as a rock

The perfect word at the perfect time. I'm really touched by Diana's love story. And I'm very, very glad that she found the LOVE rock as a reminder that soon she and her beloved will be reunited again.

It was Friday afternoon (Jan, 27th), and I was feeling very bad. So I went to the Torrey Hills complex and found a rock that says LOVE. The Friday before, Raymond and I were at the same place together. Time to say farewell. I cried while he lovingly held me in his arms. I know that we are so in love to each other, but we need to wait! 
When I found the rock I was really happy. I thought it was a special message meaning that our love will be solid as a rock .
Thank you for you for this beautiful rock. I will treasure it and hope it will give me good luck!
Maybe I need another a rock that says: waiting!


  1. Hi Diana,
    What a wonderful picture the rock and the flower, I can image that you are a wonderful woman too, Raymond must be a lucky guy to have a lady like you, wish you luck and love and happiness will stay with you guys forever!

  2. CArolina I love what you're doing....

  3. Beautiful love story, beautiful rocks project....

  4. Purple Cloud, I loved Diana's picture too. So beautiful!

  5. Thanks to everybody who is helping me with nice words to keep these stones rolling!

  6. Purple Cloud,Raymond also is a wonderful man, I love him!

  7. Carolina,Thank you for you for this beautiful rock!This is my lucky!

  8. Diana, I'm crossing my fingers for you and Raymond to be together again as soon as possible! Wish you all the best!


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