Love is here to stay

Love solid as a rock

The perfect word at the perfect time. I'm really touched by Diana's love story. And I'm very, very glad that she found the LOVE rock as a reminder that soon she and her beloved will be reunited again.

It was Friday afternoon (Jan, 27th), and I was feeling very bad. So I went to the Torrey Hills complex and found a rock that says LOVE. The Friday before, Raymond and I were at the same place together. Time to say farewell. I cried while he lovingly held me in his arms. I know that we are so in love to each other, but we need to wait! 
When I found the rock I was really happy. I thought it was a special message meaning that our love will be solid as a rock .
Thank you for you for this beautiful rock. I will treasure it and hope it will give me good luck!
Maybe I need another a rock that says: waiting!