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WelzijnsKompas Magazine, June, 2019 - The Netherlands

SDVoyager - May, 2019

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San Diego Family Magazine - October, 2017

Reaching the Netherlands, September, 2017

Autism Speaks, September, 2017

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June, 2017, 10News, San Diego, California

April, 2017, Michaels Store newsletter

March, 2017, Project Calm Magazine, London, United Kingdom

July, 2016, The Happy News, London, United Kingdom

April, 2016, Casa & Jardim Magazine, Brazil

February, 2016, Donna Magazine, Brazil

December, 2015, O Globo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

July, 2015, Del Sol Magazine

One of our #wordrocks spotted in Solana Beach and featured by Del Sol Magazine.

February, 2015, San Diego 6, the CW channel

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May, 2013, 92024 Magazine, California


May, 2013, O Globo Newspaper, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


April, 2013, Sino Magazine, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


December, 5th, 2012, North County Kids Magazine, California

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April, 3rd, 2012, NBC San Diego, California. To watch the video, click here.


April, 11th. 2012, KyXy 96.5 radio: To read, click here.


April, 26th, 2012, in the blog of Imaginarium, click here.

April, 5th, 2012, #Ficadica, São Paulo, Brazil. To read, click here.


April, 1st, 2012, Revista Bons Fluidos, Editora Abril, Brazil

April, 1st, 2012: A Tribuna, Santos, São Paulo, Brazil (click here to read) 


March, 16, 2012: Julia Petit, São Paulo, SP, Brazil (click here to read)


February, 28, 2012: PUC - Rio, Brasil (click here to read)


February, 12, 2012: Público, Portugal (click here to read)
February, 2nd, 2012: Carmel Valley News, San Diego, CA, USA (click here to read)