Art + Kindness box

In a world that can always use more art and kindness, my brand new box exists to spread some magic around. In fact, it’s a mission that I've been doing for the past ten years and that now is available for you to do as well!

With 10 items, from rocks to clay rainbows, from postcards to felt birds, my Art + Kindness box has the goal to help you spread kindness & magic through art abandonment!

Send a box to a kid to help them start to understand the idea of compassion and kindness through art being abandoned to bring joy! Or to have something special in hand to give it to a teacher or a friend.

Buy a box to spread the love in your community and make it a special place for your neighbors!

Planning a trip? Make it extra special by leaving bits of yourself wherever you go.

My goal is simple: connect many, inspire & empower others to join us in creating a kinder world!

By ordering this box, besides supporting my kindness projects, above all, you are making this world a better place through art + kindness.

Email me for more information about price and delivery: