About the project

One day (2011), while walking by the ocean, I decided to pick up some beautiful rocks. My plan was to write positive words on them and place them around the house for inspiration.

When my ten-year-old son came home from school, he saw the rocks and said, "They're too cool to keep at home. Instead of keeping them here, let's spread them around San Diego so more people can find them and be happy. Maybe someone will find the right word at the right time and feel better."

And that's how our project, Word Rocks, began.

I can't help but feel proud of my son for his thoughtfulness and desire to share positivity with others.

Since then, we've delighted in sharing these words wherever we go: movie theaters, parks, supermarkets, gas stations, bookstores, libraries, school gates, cafeteria tables, park benches. Our hope is that the right word reaches the right person at the right time. Inspiration is our guiding principle.

When we receive emails from people who have found our stones, we celebrate. It's wonderful to know that the right word has found its way to the right person at the right time. Our hearts are happy to connect with so many different people.

I'm grateful to have my son as a partner in this endeavor, sharing the joy of spreading inspiration through our Word Rocks.

Carol & Antonio

P.S. If you find one of our rocks, please send us a picture!