About the project

Once walking by the ocean I decided to pick up some beautiful rocks. The idea was to write positive words on them and spread over the house to inspire me.

When my ten-year-old son came from school, he saw the rocks and said: "they're so cool to be at home. Instead of keeping them let's spread over San Diego so more people could have them and be happy. Or maybe someone will find the right word at the right time and feel better."

That's how our project Word Rocks started.

I can't avoid saying that I'm proud to have a son who is able to think about sharing, and about bringing to other people some positiveness.

Since then there has been a delight to to share these words wherever we go. Movie theater, parks, supermarket, gas station. Bookstore, library, school gate, cafeteria tables, park bench. Our desire is that the right word reach the right person at the right time. Inspiration is our word guide.

When we get an email from someone who found one of the stones, we celebrate. Nice to see that the right word has even found its way at the right time to the right person. Our heart is happy to realize that this connect us with so many different people. 

And it is so good to have my son as a partner on this. Sharing with me the satisfaction of spreading these inspiring words around. Word rocks!

Carol & Antonio

PS: And if you find one of our rocks... send a picture!


Love it Forward List: coming soon.