Love is a many splendored thing

" (...)  a playful loving wink from the universe", says Ellen
Effie was shopping when she found a LOVE rock and wrote me a very, very sweet mail. Thanks for your  loving words, Ellen, they brought me sunshine in this rainy day!

"I went shopping at the Target in Mira Mesa, and found this beautiful rock in my carry-on basket. At first I thought it was placed there by mistake, and then I saw on the other side, “It’s yours..”etc. Somehow those words together: “Love” and “It’s yours” made such a positive impact, a playful loving wink from the universe. It truly made my day, and was synchronous, as I was talking on the phone at that same time about my brother, (whom I love very much!). I’m going to lunch soon, and will be placing this rock at the Croutons in the Sorrento food court. I hope it makes someone’s day there as well! Thanks for spreading positive words!"


  1. What a beautiful story!

  2. Carolina

    what you are doing is very touching. Congratulations.


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