Word Rocks! in São Paulo, Brazil part II

Coragem in Portuguese means courage
The same volunteer who placed the rock PAZ this morning (read here), placed another one in a different place a couple of hours after.  And it was found too!

Flavia wrote a touching message on our Facebook wall (here): "I found one rock on a coffee counter in a special food store in São Paulo, Brazil, this morning (www.santaluzia.com.br). And the origin of the written word is "do, act with your heart". Thanks for spreading the idea! Made my day much better!"
Ins't it sweet? 
And on her Facebook wall she wrote a special message about it too:
Today I found a hidden rock on my wayBy accident.
The rock was perfect for me. I deserved it.
Courage: act with the heart.
From now on I decided to look at it every day.
Word Rocks! thanks for spreading this idea. It has the power of changing my dayFor better!

And many THANKS to my fairy voluntary!


  1. How great !!!!!! Se sounded really happy !!!


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