Bunny rocks ideas

With Easter so close, here are some more easy bunny rock ideas for you 
and your child to create together!

Supplies used
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Paint the entire surface of the rock with an Easter palette color. If you don't have pastel colors at home, dilute the colors with white paint until you get a very similar shade.

Dot bunny: I used the same stencil as this stone HERE. Make the first layer of the little bunny silhouette and let your child do the following, always changing the color of the pen.

Bunny rock: with a very soft pencil (I like 4B) draw the face and tail of the bunny. Ask the child to cover them with the markers. Talk about your chosen colors before you start. Alternatively, you can glue a pompom on the rabbit's mouse, as in this project HERE.

Sticker Bunny: ask your child to stick a rabbit sticker on the rock and together choose an Easter phrase (or pun) and write down on the rock.

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