Spring Kindness

We consumers have bought so many things that come in bottles that it is worth saving some to use as art abandonment.

Living in California, I don't feel the effects of a harsh winter, which allows me to abandon art + kindness all year long.

For those who are still far from feeling the rays of the sun, here is an idea to begin to be prepared gradually, while the flower buds still take a while to arrive!

Supplies needed
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There is nothing better to peel off label stickers than Goo Gone.  It is fast and efficient.
After removing all the glue, make sure that the glass surface is completely clean so that the pen ink can adhere.

If you have no experience writing on rounded surfaces, start with bottles that have a flat area. In general, salad dressing bottles look like this.

You will have to draw the sentence at least twice so that it has contrast with the bottle. 
If you want to protect, I suggest using a spray as sealant. This ONE is great.

After that, pick flowers from your garden and make a small bouquet for the bottle. If you don't have flowers yet, create one with pipe cleaners (see my tutorial here) and you'll have the effect you want.

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