Planting flowers around!

Imagine the wonder of discovering a colorful flower 
in unexpected places!
Bending colorful pipe cleaners into a flower and leave it around to make people smile!
A simple pipe cleaner provide all the beauty and color of a real flower and will last for a long time!.

Supplies used 
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Choose a color to make the petals. 
Measure down 1/4 of the way on your pipe cleaner. Fold it to form a loop, and twist it to secure it.  This will make your first petal.
 Continue adding loops next to each other until you have four petals! Be mindful to wrap any of the remaining pipe cleaner end around the center of your flower to avoid problems.

Choose a different color to make the stem. Wrap it in the center of the petals. Add a button with the glue gun and your flower is ready to be planted! 

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