Golden rocks

Have you ever tried using spray paint to paint rocks? No?! But then the time has come!

Spray is an excellent solution to cover multiple rocks at the same time with the additional that the cover dries very fast!

It's a super cool option if you find out that you need beautiful rocks ready for the next day (maybe you get tickets to Paris or London unexpectedly! You never know!).

Supplies needed
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First, I suggest you to use spray outdoors due to strong odor. 
Cover the floor with a piece of cardboard to protect the surface you will be working at.

Put the rocks on the top of the cardboard keep a minimum distance from each other to allow the spray to reach the sides of the rocks as well.

Sprays have excellent coverage and rarely do I need to use more than one layer.

Use the spray on the top and sides of the stones. Wait to dry (a few minutes is enough).

After that just use the spray sparingly to cover any coverage gaps that may exist.

Wait to dry.

I love this Pitt pen set because it contains tips ranging from 0.1mm to 1.5mm, which allows me a wide variety of lettering and details when writing on rocks.

Choose the phrases you love and create beautiful stones. In this link HERE, I have a very easy stone handwriting tutorial.

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