Calligraphy on rocks

Fake calligraphy is am easy technique of using any kind of pen (not only the calligraphy pen) of pen to imitate the look of calligraphy. It happens by going over certain parts of your text with bolder strokes and filling it in to create the look of real dip pen calligraphy. 

Below you'll find an easy step-by-step on how to create fake calligraphy and help you to use the technique on rocks too.

Supplies used
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1. With a very soft pencil, write out your word or phrase in any font you want. 

Be sure to leave a enough space between the letters because you’ll need to add thicker lines later. 

2. Add any flourishing you want!

3. Now use the black marker to trace over your word or phrase to give it thicker lines. Then draw parallel lines next to the downstrokes being careful to taper the parallel lines off into the rest of the letter so it blends naturally.

4. Use Gelly Roll Moonlight to color in the space between the parallel lines and original text. 
This should give the weighted effect that dip pen calligraphy has.
5. Last but not least, touch up lines and erase any pencil marks that are still visible.

6. Seal the rock with Triple Thick Glaze.

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