Crazy hair monsters for Halloween - Peg it Forward !

Halloween is a great time for us to exercise creativity!
Today I have prepared a new idea not only to be an alternative to candy but also to be used as an abandoned craft.
These little monsters are very, very cute! Super easy to prepare, they add a lot of colorful and fun in many ways!

Supplies needed

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Paint the pegs with Halloween colors: purple, orange and black. Actually, you can paint them any color but I wanted to set the mood!

As I have small hands, I wrap some yarn around four of my fingers. The more you curl, the more fun it will become, but it also depends on the thickness of the yarn. The suggestion is: have fun while experimenting. I mixed colors, left curls, make monsters with different amounts of hair!

Once you think you have enough "monster hair", slide it off your fingers and tie a separate piece of yarn around the center tightly in a double knot.

Use them to add notes to lunch pegs!
Then trim the looped ends with a scissor and straighten the strings with your fingers to give the monster the look you want!

Put glue inside the peg and stick the wig on! Do this so that even after the glue dries, you can still open and close the peg!

Apply glue to fix the eyes and, again, have fun mixing different sizes and creating different faces. With blck and white Posca markers, draw mouth and teeth!

Now, tell me: aren't those monsters the cutest ones??!!!

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Abandon them around and spread fun and joy!

Peg backpacks and surprise people!