Monsters Adoption Center

Make rock painting fun for kids with the Monster Adoption Center!

Monster Rocks are also a  perfect Halloween idea! It is an easy and simple craft for kids and parents to have fun together!

Supplies used
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Monster Adoption Center poster


First thing, cover the rocks with the primer spray. Using a primer will save your time and the amount of paint used, as you'll need less coats for a full coverage. 

With the primer, I only needed to paint two layers of each color except for the yellow, that I needed three. 

Don’t forget to flip your rock over and paint the back! 

If you want to speed up the process, a heat tool will be your best friend! 

Wait for them to dry and glue on the googly eyes. Mix sizes and create funny faces.

Use black and white Posca pens for the mouth and teeth.

Check this link to see some funny ideas for monster smiles!

If you want the colors to pop, add a coat of Triple Thick Glaze before painting the mouth and glueing the eyes!

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