Marbled pine cones

This easy pine cone craft is the perfect way to celebrate Fall that is arriving soon!

I walk my dogs, Sgt. Pepper and Hey Jude, every day through nature for pure joy. As we walk, I usually pick up few nature items to bring home. Nature inspires me so much and, believe me, art ideas with them are endless!

This project is a super easy one to invite the kids to create some beautiful nature art decor!

Supplies needed

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1. Fully cover the pine cones with with the primer. Let it dry.

2. Now, let the fun begin. This craft had endless options. You can chose how many colors you want and you can mix the colors the way you want. Place the pine cone inside the salad spinner. Drizzle the pine cone with paint in the colors of your choice. I tried lots of options like mixing all the colors at the same time. or mixing one each time. You can add glitter along the process or at the end. This is the beautiful of process art! Your creativity leads the way!

3. Put the lid on the salad spinner and SPIN! Again, lots of options. You can spin clockwise, counterclockwise, you can even shake the spinner a lit bit. Open the lid and... ta-da! Every pine cone will be very unique and colorful

4. After the pine cones get dry, you can place the pine cones in mini terracota pots (that can also be decorated/painted). Make sure that you are getting pots that will fit the pine cones you have. Add the final craft to your home for colorful decor or give them away as gift to people! You can even abandon them for people to find like I suggest on this post HERE.

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