Abandoning colorful pine cones

When you are creative, life flows through you .
(I dont know the author to credit it)
My Art Therapy coach course is bringing me so many insights about the benefits of art, specially to kids, whom i work with almost everyday.
Art helps motor skill development, self-expression and boosts to confidence and perseverance.
Thats why i LOVE to bring ideas to tiny hands to craft with a purpose!!
Enjoy the season to paint colorful pine cones and leave them hanging from trees to surprise people!

Supplies needed (affiliate links for your convenience):

Paint two layers of acrylic to make it look bold and bright.  I love ombrĂ© effect as you can see by the ones I painted!

When completely dry, use the adhesive spray on them and immediately pour some glitter.

Use the twine to give a tight knot around the stem and then use the hot gun to attach the twine to the stem.

Go outside with your kids and enjoy the walk to talk to them about the importance of kindness while hanging the colorful cone pines on the trees!

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