Leaves puzzle for kids

Supplies needed (affiliate links for your convenience)
Small leaves - I find them in nature but you can also buy craft leaves.

First thing is to cut a heart shape out of paper. Fold a piece of paper in half and draw the outline of half of a heartCut along the penciled outline. 
Unfold the paper.
With the hear shape, start to lightly glue the leaves with Mod Podge to fill the heart. 

Cover all the leaves with the primer spray. Let it dry.

Use the acrylics to create an rainbow ombré effect.

Let it dry.
Use the adhesive spray to cover the rainbow leaves and pour a little bit of 
clear glitter on them.
Let it dry. 
Carefully start to peel the leaves from the heart shape paper and you'll have a nature puzzle to create shapes with your kids! 

Have fun!

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To get the tutorial to paint big leaves, click here.