Leaf a message!

These hot August days make me wish that Fall arrives soon! 

Autumn is my favorite season of the year. 
I love the colors, the smells, the light. Everything is so gorgeous!

Since I received this Ooly Pearlescent watercolor set I was planning to use it on leaves. So here we are.

Supplies (affiliate links for your convenience):

  • Leaves – I had these ones at home, sent by a bestie that lives in San Francisco. But the best thing to do is to pick green leaves on the ground and then press them under something heavy for an overnight.
  • Acrylic white paint – I used Testor Matte finish but any brand works
  • Watercolors – I used OOLY Chroma Blends Watercolor Set but last Fall I painted them with this set here.
  • Black pen –  fine point Sharpie 
  • Paint brushes - the watercolor set comes with a small one but I used the purple and the blue from this Ooly rainbow set.

After having them pressed, paint a layer of white acrylic paint. Let it dry. Depending on the quality of the paint, you'll need to paint the second layer. I didn't need to add another one. 

The watercolor is my favorite part as you can create so many different ways to paint it rainbow. Play with colors, try combinations, paint ombr├ęs! If you want more brightness,  another layer of colors.

This watercolor set is really amazing. The only leaf that I added a second layer of color was the golden one.

To write the words, I used a fine point black Sharpie.

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