Word Rocks poem

Handmade by Val

A year and half ago, Val found one of our rocks. 
The message written on it was All my loving, one of the Beatles song (check here).

A couple of weeks later I was hiking with my son when I met a couple on our way. 
Guess what? It was Val and her husband!!!! Believe it or not.

Since then she became a volunteer of the project, spreading rocks in some many different places.

Yesterday she sent me a picture of the new ones she prepared and 
they came along with a cute poem written by her. Adorable!

These wonderful WordRocks!
To be sent out throughout this fine city
Of San Diego
May wherever they go
And whoever does find
May they know
This world has such beauty
May they share and show
So others can also see
upon your lovely website
How it made their day or night