Uplifting Nature: Crafting Positive Messages with Bark Art

I'm passionate about using nature elements to create my art+kindness projects as it allows a harmonious blend of creativity and the natural world.

 Painting bark with rainbow colors transforms a natural subject into a whimsical and vibrant piece of art, specially if you add a positive message on it.

To color the barks, I chose these sparkling watercolor crayons, which make any project even more beautiful and original!

 This unconventional use of color breathes new life into the familiar subject of tree bark, offering an enchanting twist that captures the viewer’s imagination.

Supplies used:

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The barks I find are naturally clean and ready to become art!

Use watercolor crayons to create vibrant rainbow patterns on the bark.

With the light blue brush from the set, spread water over the crayons to activate the watercolor effect. The crayons are sparkling, adding an extra touch of beauty.

As the crayons interact with water, they may warp slightly. The secret is to let them dry partially (using a heat tool to speed up the process), and when they are almost dry, place a weight on them to keep them flat.

In the process, small parts of the edges of the bark may break off, but this only enhances your project, giving it a more natural, organic, and beautiful appearance!

Next, write positive messages on the bark with a black marker (1mm).

Let it dry completely. Finish with a coat of protectant to seal and preserve your art.

Now it’s time to share your message of art and kindness for someone to find!

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