Watercolor rock painting with marbled effect


Have you tried using watercolor on stones? Although it doesn't absorb as easily as acrylic, I love the opaque and translucent effect it creates on the background. This effect makes the phrase in black letters stand out prominently.

With this pearlescent watercolor set, I'll show you how to create a marble effect on stones.

Supplies used

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The first step is to apply two layers of white acrylic paint to serve as a base for the watercolor. Using the purple brush from the rainbow collection, paint the first layer and let it dry completely. Once the first layer is dry, apply the second layer and allow it to dry thoroughly. To speed up the drying process, you can use a heat tool.

To create this marbled effect, start by painting a simple background using a brush with more water than pigment. Once it dries, apply a brush with more pigment than water to a specific point on the stone, creating a small puddle. This puddle will flow and blend with the next puddle of a different color, resulting in a beautiful marbled look. When the paint dries, you will have beautiful, multiple layers of color.

Wait for the ink to dry completely, then use a very soft pencil, such as a 4B, to lightly trace the words you want to cover with the permanent pen. If needed, let the ink settle and then retrace the words with the pen to ensure they are clear and bold.

For decorating the stone, use plastic glue to trace lines or create designs. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle glitter on top. The glitter adds a striking three-dimensional and sparkling effect to the stone, enhancing its visual appeal.

The issue with stone painted with watercolor is that any drop of water will reactivate the paint, so it's always a good idea to protect it with sealant. Apply from a distance of at least 12 in.

One of the marbled #wordrocks has already found a new home in Illinois, and now rests in the arms of St. Francis.

See the photos below; how beautiful!

The #wordrocks in Illinois.

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