Transform old cardboard boxes into inspiring messages

Creating an art + kindness project with reused cardboard is a wonderful way to blend creativity with eco-consciousness while spreading joy in your community. 

By transforming discarded cardboard boxes into unique pieces of art, you not only give new life to materials that would otherwise go to waste but also create heartfelt messages to uplift those who see them. 

This project is a simple yet powerful way to promote sustainability and kindness, reminding us all of the beauty in repurposing and sharing positivity.

Supplies used:

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Prepare Your Cardboard: 

Reuse a cardboard box you received. Cut the cardboard into the desired shape using heavy-duty scissors.

Prime the Cardboard:

Apply a layer of white paint to the cut-out shape as a primer for the following colors.

Let it dry completely.

Apply a second layer of white paint if necessary to ensure an even base.

How to create the ombré effect:

  1. Choose Your Colors: Select three colors that you want to blend together. Ombre effects work best with colors that transition smoothly from light to dark or from one hue to another.
  2. Load Your Brush: Dip your brush into the first color (the lighter color if you’re working from light to dark). Load it generously with paint but avoid dripping.

  3. Apply the First Color: Start at one end of your canvas (cardboard) and apply the first color. Use smooth, even strokes, covering about one-third of the area you want to be ombre.

  4. Blend the Middle Section: Without cleaning your brush, dip it slightly into the second color (the darker one). On your palette, blend a small amount of the first color with the second color to create an intermediate shade.

  5. Apply the Intermediate Shade: Starting slightly overlapping the edge of the first color, apply the intermediate shade. Use long, even strokes to blend the two colors together. The goal is to create a smooth transition between the colors.

  6. Blend the Darker Color: Clean your brush slightly or use a new brush. Load it with the second (darker) color and apply it starting from the opposite end, working towards the intermediate shade.

  7. Smooth the Transition: Use a clean, dry brush to gently blend the areas where the colors meet. Lightly feather the brush back and forth to eliminate any harsh lines and create a smooth gradient.

  8. Adjust as Needed: If there are any harsh lines or uneven areas, go back with the intermediate shade and gently blend. You can also add more of the light or dark colors as needed to perfect the gradient.

  9. Let it Dry: Allow the paint to dry completely. You can speed up the process with a heat tool.

Design Your Message:
  • Use a soft pencil to lightly write the message you want on your cardboard. This will serve as a guide for writing later with the marker.

Add Your Message:

  • Trace over the pencil lines with the 1mm marker.
  • Once the marker dries, erase any remaining pencil lines to keep your artwork clean and neat.

Attach the Yarn:

  • Use a glue gun to attach the yarn to the back of your art piece. This will allow you to hang or display your artwork easily.
Protect your art with Triple Thick Glaze.

Display Your Art:

  • Choose a special place to display your art.
  • Leave your art + kindness there to bring a smile to passers-by.
Enjoy creating your recycled cardboard art and spreading kindness in your community!

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