Leaves in the wind

I feel so lucky living in a place filled with lush greenery, perfect for my daily walks with my furry companions.

Today, I gathered up some dry leaves and bits of bark I stumbled upon.

I took a moment to add some uplifting words onto them, and tomorrow, I plan to scatter them back along our path, hoping they'll find their way to those who need a little boost.

You can also place a leaf inside a card, transforming an ordinary greeting into a heartfelt message adorned by nature. The recipient will appreciate the extra touch of creativity and the thoughtfulness behind it. Whether it’s a birthday, a thank you note, or just a letter to say you’re thinking of them, the inclusion of a stamped leaf adds a unique and personal element.

Using several leaves as Thanksgiving decorations is another wonderful idea. Arrange them on the dining table as part of the centerpiece, or scatter them around the home to create an autumnal atmosphere filled with gratitude and warmth. You can write things you are thankful for on each leaf, encouraging family and friends to do the same. This can spark meaningful conversations and remind everyone of the blessings in their lives.

The leaves, once fallen, take on new life and purpose, spreading cheer wherever they go. Spotted one? I'd love to hear about the moment it brightened your day.

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