Easy origami little pouch to hide surprises

Learn how to make a super easy pouch shaped like a pyramid with this origami tutorial. It’s a simple and delightful gift-wrapping idea perfect for hiding little surprises and leave them for strangers to find.

Use this paper pyramid box to wrap small painted rocks, little toys, rainbows, and more. 

They look adorable when made with holiday-themed paper to match the festive season!

Want to give it a try? It's really easy, and all you need is paper, scissors, and washi tape.


  1. Cut the Paper: Start by cutting a piece of origami paper in half. You need a piece of paper that's twice as long as it is wide.
  2. Create a Tube: Connect the two short ends of the paper with a piece of washi tape to create a tube. Trim off any excess tape or fold it inside the loop.
  3. Form the Base: Position the tube so that the washi-taped seam is in the center. Flatten one side of the tube, giving your pouch a shape similar to a toothpaste tube. Fold a piece of washi tape over the flattened end and trim any excess.
  4. Fill the Pouch: Before sealing the pouch, fill it with small items like a tiny word rock, mini rainbow erasers, or any other cute small items.
  5. Create the Pyramid Shape: Rotate the pouch so that the center seam is now on the side. Flatten the open end of the pouch to create the pyramid shape. If the pouch looks flat like an envelope, turn it 90 degrees and try again. Fold a piece of washi tape over the open end and trim any excess tape.

Now you have a cute pyramid pouch ready for hiding a surprise for a stranger to find it!

Supplies used

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Origami paper

Glitter washi tape

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