Art + Kindness idea: up-cycled bottles and flowers


Use your craft skills to create for the greater good. Up-cycle old bottles making them more beautiful with happy quotes, fill them with flowers from your garden and leave them at your neighbors’ doors to brighten up their day.

A kindness of words that came out of the heart and a bottle that didn't go to waste.

Supplies used
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  • There is no better product to remove labels and its glue than Goo Gone. It is a must-have at home for everything!
  • Once the bottle is clean and dry, write a sentence or create a design on it. To make writing on a curved surface easier, wrap the bottle in a towel. This will provide a stable grip, preventing the bottle from slipping or rotating, and ensuring firmer, more precise lines.
  • I used the white pen of this color set but you can purchase the color individually HERE.  The marker should be a medium tip and oil-based to resist water.
  • Wait for the marker to dry and seal the bottle with a gloss acrylic spray.
  • Add flowers and a cute note and TA-DA ... you have a super special piece of art and kindness to brighten up someone's day.

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