Upcycled plastic pieces create beautiful little kindness signs

Kindness Idea: Upcycle milk jugs into inspirational messages to leave around.

Supplies used
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1. Cut a shape out of your plastic container. I tried squares and rectangles.

2. Color the entire surface of the plastic with the permanent markers. 

3. With the spray (or medicine dropper), sprinkle or tap small drops of rubbing alcohol on to the colored plastic, and you'll be amazed by the chemical reaction that will happen, blending the colors! You can also tilt in several directions to make colors blend even more.

4. When your bookmark is completely dry (you can use a heat tool to speed up the process), use a black permanent marker to add a quote to it. 

5. Let it dry. Spray the varnish to seal the ink and also to prevent it from rubbing off. Be careful with the spray so you don't re-activate the marker ink and start it running again.

6. Punch a hole in the top of your bookmark, thread some cording through, and you are ready to surprise someone with your craft+kindness message!

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