Up-cycled cardboard message

What about creating positive signs to live around made out of up-cycled cardboard? 

Reusing material is not only cost-efficient but also teaches the kids the important message of repurposing and causing less damage to the planet.

Nowadays, with the ease of shopping online and receiving them at the door in cardboard boxes, it becomes even easier to repurpose the materials and give them a new use!
Supplies used
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The first thing to do is cut the cardboard box to the size/shape you want to create. Cardboard is difficult to cut, so I recommend very sturdy scissors.

With a large flat brush, paint the entire cardboard surface with white paint. Let it dry.

With a round brush, add watercolor paint to create a beautiful background. Talking about brush, I love this set HERE that has all the sizes/types of brushes that I need. 

To protect the watercolor, use a gloss spray as a sealant.

When the sign is completely dry, use a hole punch to make a hole on the top of the cardboard and yarn to be able to tie a bow and attach the heart to a pole.

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