Star popsicle sticks

I really like what I call possible art: easy to recreate and without expensive supplies.
These popsicle sticks are perfect for spreading some art and color in your neighborhood.

Supplies needed 
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  • Paint the sticks using the colors you like. I decided to make them all with the colors of the rainbow because I know that this way they will be easier to be found by children in the neighborhood.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • You can choose to write a cute quote or add Twinkles (glitter paint), to give that special and sparkly touch. Or you can do both.
  • To protect the artwork, use Triple Thick Glaze as a sealant.
  • If like me you are eager to make a difference and craving a chance to use your art for good, fill your neighborhood with those magic wands.
  • If you need our project labels to stick on the back of the wands, email us:
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