Round ombré #wordrocks

Supplies used
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  • Paint the entire surface of the rock with white paint.
  • After choosing the colors you will use on the rocks, start painting in the center of the rocks.
  • Drop some color in the center of the rock and gently touch the brush (red brush from the rainbow set) to the paint. With your other hand, start to rotate the rock so that the paint creates a circle.
  • Then drop the second color around this newly painted circle.
  • Repeat the process of spinning the rock and let the brush slowly start to create a circle around the first color.
  • Repeat the process with the third and other additional colors until you reach the edge of the stone.
  • Go back to the middle circle and start the process again, this time, letting the colors that are side by side mix to create the ombré effect.
  • I painted two layers of colors and I liked the result, but you can repeat as much as you want until you get the color effect you one want.
  • Let it dry completely and use one of the pens on the markers set ( I used the 1 mm) to write phrases, create flowers or mandalas or even cute kawaii-inspired faces. Use puffy paint to add details (like the cheeks of cute faces) and glitter paint to give luminous effects.
  • Protect your stone with Triple Thick Glaze using the purple brush fo the rainbow set.
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