Kindness craft idea: feather birds

Imagine the wonder of discovering colorful birds in unexpected places.
Clothespins are an ideal tool for adding art and surprise people as they can be pegged onto nearly anything. 

Supplies used
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  • I used my Silhouette machine to cut the birds. But you can use a stencil or even freehand to draw. It depends on your skill and time to do it. If you are using cardstock paper (good option for kids),you can download Kristie's (from @Coco's closet) free template. Click HERE)
  • Use the glue gun to glue two or three feathers to the clothespin. Then paste the bird on top. That's right, simple, and beautiful!

Making those birds is easy, and installing them (as sneakily as possible) is so fun! Butt when leaving them in public, remember to be a good citizen. Never hide them where they could be banned or considered litter. The intention, after all, it's to spread art and make people smile.

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