Happy rainbows in the neighborhood

Rainbows are one of the most beloved things out there! How about finding one while you walk in your neighborhood ??
See below how to create this cuteness and spread colors wherever you go.

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Begin by choosing your rainbow colors. I stuck with three colors so the rainbow will not get too heavy to be hung in a bush, for example. Vary the colors: muted colors, ombrĂ©, same shades or whatever you like

Once you have your colors, work the clay to get it soft, and roll each color out into a thin "snakes".  Then bend them into rainbow shapes. put the colors together, in the order you like best. I saw no difference between starting from the inside or the outside.

If you want to add glitter on any color, create a small ball with clay. Knead it on top and add glitter in the middle. Knead well and then create the little snake.

Use a knife to trim the ends of the rainbow. 

Screw the hook to the top of the rainbow.
Bake the clay according to the directions on the package. Once the rainbows have cooled completely, use the twine to create a kind of hook for the rainbow.

You can keep the rainbow plain or add googly eyes, mouth, and cheeks with puffy paint. Add Twinkles to create a glitter effect. Add a kraft tag with a nice message to the lucky founder! 

If you need our project labels to stick on the back of the wands, email us: wordrocks.me@gmail.com

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