Watercolor eggshell painting

Nothing makes me happier when it comes to handicrafts than 
reusing some kind of material and making it full of colors.
Today I saved the eggshells used for lunch and transformed them 
into small works of art using watercolor!

Supplies used:
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  • Hold the eggshell carefully with one hand and wash it with detergent and warm water under running water. Be sure to take off all the thin membrane that exists inside the eggshell. Let it dry completely.
  • I tried two ways to use watercolor. The first one was to use water directly on the colors and then apply it to the eggshell. The other way is to first dip the brush  (the round blue one from the rainbow set)in the water and then apply the color to the moisten shell. In both ways, the result is beautiful. Tip: use a heat tool to dry  the paint accumulated on the bottom of the egg and this will create beautiful designs on the shell as if it were marble.
  • Let it dry.
  • Use the black pen to scribble the inside of the egg. You can create mandalas, patterns, doodles, flowers, etc ...
  • With the litter puffy paint, add random details, matching the colors of watercolor.
  • Stick the eggshell on the boxed frame with a glue gun.

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