Up cycled Sensory Bottle

When my husband started drinking those small bottles of Schwepps, I had the idea to reuse them in some craft with a purpose. It was then that I remembered the sensory bottles that I love!

Supplies used
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The first thing to do is to completely remove the label from the bottle. Goo Gone is perfect for this.

In the meantime, place the water beads in a bowl of water so they can grow.

My process for filling the bottle starts with water. Fill approximately 1/3 of the bottle.
 The next step is to place the water beads already grown. This is an excellent time for the child to work on fine motor coordination since it is necessary to put bead by bead. 

I like that the beads can have enough space to "dance" inside the bottle, but this will suit everyone's taste.

Then add the sequins and, finally, the glitter.

fill the rest of the bottle with water until more or less two inches from the mouthpiece. Cap the bottle and shake it so you can get an idea of how everything will move inside it. According to your taste, you can add any of the supplies you want.

When you're happy, it's time to seal the cap with enough glue gun so that the bottle doesn't leak. Decorate the top of the lid with googly eyes or anything else you want, always using the hot glue gun for this.

Well, you just created a sensory bottle up cycling a bottle of soda. Attention: as the bottle is made of glass, the child can only play with it under adult supervision!

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