Golden air dry clay hearts

These golden hearts are an idea that can be used all year round! They look beautiful hanging from Christmas trees, can be given as gifts on Valentine's Day, sold to raise money for some cause, or even abandoned as art for people to find.

Supplies used
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Optional for decoration:


    Form a ball with the air dry clay that fits your palm. Flatten the clay slightly but don’t let it get too thin or it will break easily in the future. Then use the rolling pin to press it and make the surface even.  

    Using the cookie cutters, cut hearts in different sizes.

    If you want to hang a twine, create a small hole on the top of it 
    (I used the handle of a painting brush). 

    Use alphabet stamps to create positive words and quotes.

    Time to add color! Cover them with a coat of golden spray paint and let it dry. If necessary, touch up any part that needs more ink. Repeat the process on the other side of the hearts and don't forget the sides.
    If you want, you add some decoration as glitter, sparkle or any other embellishment!

    Let it dry for 48 hours before hanging the twine.

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