Creating letters with an abstract background

With a multicolored background, cut out letters to create an original 
and modern #wordrocks and leave sameness aside!

Supplies used
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1. On a white sheet of paper, create a colorful background using painting sticks. you can also use acrylic paint and brushes, if you already have this material at home. I prefer the paint stick because it is much more practical to use, does not need water and dries super fast.

2. After the paint has dried, add details with a black fine-tipped pen. Little hearts, scratches, polka dots, waves, etc ...

3. With a pencil, draw the letters of the word you want to form. Make sure they are the correct size for the surface of the stone.

4. Use scissors to cut out the letters.

5. As the surface of my rock was dark, I painted it with white paint so that the colorful letters had a good contrast.

6. After the paint has dried, spread the decoupage glue on the surface of the stone and immediately paste the letters. With a heart puncher, I made some hearts and added them to the rock too. Optional: with a black marker, I outlined the letters and hearts.

7. The last step is to seal the artwork. Attention, if you use the paint stick, the best option is the acrylic spray. If you use acrylic paint, you can finish with the decoupage glue itself or the acrylic spray.

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