Watercolor cardboard hearts for Valentines!

Art doesn't need to ben expensive neither complicated especially if you want t engage your kids in a craft with a purpose activity.

Those adorable message hearts are made out of cardboard reused boxes and embellished with watercolor and black marker. 

Supplies needed
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Use a template to cut the hearts so that they will all be the same size. Just outline the heart on the cardboard with a pencil and then use scissors to cut them out.
With a flat brush (the purple of this set here), cover the hearts with white paint and wait to dry completely.
From the same set of brushes, use the green one to paint the hearts with watercolor. Choose all Valentines color shades: red, pink and purple! Wait to dry.
Make a hole in the top of each heart and pass a pink ribbon through them so that it turns into a loop.
With a black pen, create beautiful love phrases and you will be ready to spread a lot of love on this Valentine's, either leaving hearts randomly for someone to find or giving one to someone special.

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