Up cycled Positive Sign

What about creating positive signs to live around made out of cardboard and sticks?!

Reusing material is not only cost-efficient but also teaches the kids the important message of repurposing and causing less damage to the planet.

Nowadays, with the ease of shopping online and receiving them at the door in cardboard boxes, it becomes even easier to repurpose the materials and give them a new use!

Supplies needed
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The first thing to do is cut the cardboard box to the size of the poster you want to create. Cardboard is difficult to cut, so I recommend a very sturdy scissors.

With a large flat brush, paint the entire cardboard surface with white tempera paint. Let it dry.

Meanwhile you can start painting the stick that needs to have the same size (or as close to this) as the cardboard length. Use a round brush. I love this set HERE that has all the sizes/types of brushes that I need. I colored the cardboard with the purple one and the stick with the green one using acrylic paint.

I decided to do a ombré effect for my sign. You can learn how to do it on this POST.

When the sign is completely dry, use a use a hole punch to make two holes, one at each end of the top of the poster. The distance between the hole and the edge should be approximately one inch. 

Use the holes to pass a colorful cord that should be tied to the stick.

With a black pen write a nice phrase and use colored pens to add cute doodles to the poster.

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