Creating #wordrocks outdoors

A lot of people use acrylic paint to create rocks not only because they are easy to use, they make beautiful things, but also because it's a cheap product that lasts a long time.

However, if like me you like to create art in public places like at the beach or a in a cafe, here is a list of products that can easily be carried in the bag for this purpose!

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One of the most important things when creating rocks is the quality of the material. What may seem a little more expensive at first glance is an investment in quality, durability and the result of the final work.

Black markers allow you to create simple and beautiful calligraphy. I use different brands and one of my favorite is this one. The set offers different sizes for you to create whatever you want, from bold drawings to delicate calligraphy!

The white Uniball Signo is a totally must have! With a perfect flow and coverage they are great for dark rocks or to create shading and details when
 using black pen.

Coloring pencils give the rocks a translucent and textured look that I love! They are easy to carry and and never stain anything, contrary to what sometimes happens with pens. And if you're not home to clean a stain, this can be a problem!

Smooth rocks are way easier to work on and they don't damage your pens! 

Have fun!

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