Clay birds for kids!

I love to hide cute birds made out of model magic clay and surprise people.
Also, as a kid activity, this kind of clay is perfect for small hands as it is very, very smooth. Clay is a wonderful sensory activity. It helps develop fine motor skills and dexterity.

Supplies needed 
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Roll your model magic into a small ball then gently squeeze one end to form the bird’s head. To form the beak, pinch the bird's head and then and pinch the back side for tail feathers.
Time to soften any imperfections and smooth out the cracks and make the cutest bird. 
If you want the bird to be able to sit unassisted, gently tap the bottom of it.
Use feathers to create a beautiful wings or a tail. With a permanent marker, draw the eyes. You can add more cuteness to the bird by using sequins, stones, glitter or whatever you like it!

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