Fall inspired messages

As a lot of people already know, I've been crafting with a purpose since 2011!
Today I bring for you another way to spread some positive messages that your kids will 
love to prepare too!
Craft sticks, pun quotes, and love to create the messages are all you need!

Supplies used 
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Craft doesn't need to be expensive neither complicated, especially if you are inviting kids to have fun with you!

I used fall colors to paint the sticks, based on those palettes (click here to see).
I didn't use any technique in special, just kept bringing the colors together and retouching them when needed.

After the stickers were dried, I used a pencil to write the quotes on them. Then covered the lines with the 0.4 mm tip of the Ultra Fine Sharpie.

The ice of the cake is the small thematic erasers (or confetti) that 
I glued after each quote.
I can't wait to start spreading my messages and I'm seriously thinking about leaving them in public libraries so people can use them as bookmarkers!

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