Collaborative art abandonment

I love abandoning collaborative art! It is very interesting to follow the evolution of the painting as well as its path.
I've had designs going up the California coast and ending up in frames!

By abandoning a collaborative unfinished piece of art, I'm inviting people to take part in it, connecting all of us! The combination of individual actions can bring us together!
We are better together.

Supplies needed 
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  • Choose a beautiful page of a coloring book. I love quotes but drawings are very welcome too! The ideal is that the paper has better quality. Heavier paper is more resistant to travel around!
  • You can buy dowel rodes or go for a walk to find wood sticks. They will be used as hangers. No matter which one you chose, use acrylic paint to add some color to it.
  • Use the hole puncher to make two holes on the top of the draw, one close to the left edge and the second one nest to the right edge. Use the yarn to tie the coloring page to the dowel (or stick). 
  • Add your creativity to the drawing with markers, coloring pencil, glitter, pieces of paper or fabric or whatever you have in hand!
  • When you are done with your part, place it in a public space or give it to someone who will
  • enjoy being part of this. The idea is to stimulate thought and action through art and love.
  • I have a manifesto that I stick on the back of it explaining how it works. If you want it, email me:

For more ideas: