Magic Wands

I saw this project on Merri Cherry's book: Play, Make, Creat - a process art handbook (this book is a must have!) and decided to give it a try as I love to work with nature elements.

Supplies needed 
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I'm luck enough to live close to green belts and be able to find small branches on the ground. 

As I teach arts to children, I have very, very much supplies at home. So I tried several options and I will share with you those that I believe to be the best and easiest for kids to handle.

1. The first thing is to wrap the stick with the wool. I love the rainbow ones that will change colors during the way. Kids love them too and also the chenille ones. Those are chunky and make the work easier for kids. 

2. You have the choice to knot a piece of the yarn to one end of the stick but I personally believe that using a glue gun is a better option for it. Children can wrap the yarn around the stick. They can change colors along the way, change the kind of yarn, wrap the finest one over the thickest. 

3. Next step is to create a beaded wire to wrap around the stick. Animal beads and light bulb beads can add additional charm to the magic wand! I tried elastic, pipe cleaners but my favorite way to do that was with bendy wires.

4. Add big feathers  (and maybe small cute feathers too) and colorful ribbons to the top of the wand! Those tulle ribbons are so magical too!

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