Leaf a message that will last forever!

I love to write words on leaves and "leaf" them around for people to find. 

The only thing is that the leaves dry very fast and break apart. But finally an idea to keep them beautiful came to me:  thermal laminator! 

And guess what.... I'm addicted to it!

Supplies needed
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I find my leaves in nature and then press them under something heavy for an overnight.

With the 0.5 mm marker, I wrote positive messages on the leaves.

When cutting the pouch to fit the leaf, leave at least 3 mm at each side of the pouch to avoid jams.

Turn on the laminator and once heated, insert the pouch into the laminator. I hold the pouch in place as it’s going through the machine until I can see it coming out on the other side. 

With scissors, cut off any excess plastic.

Then you are ready to leaf beautiful messages around and brightens up someone's day!

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